Home Styling


Home Styling Principles by Gili Ungar. First and foremost, my clients are the ones who live in the houses that I dress, therefore the most important goal for me is to create a pleasant, comfortable, practical and loving environment that represents the person who lives in it.

Art, not design is the foundation of my principles regarding the home styling world. In the interior design world, the “do and dont’s” are the basic ideas that are leading choices of materials and creating interior aesthetics. In the art world, freedom is almost unlimited. The colors, materials, textures, influential eras and gestures are accessible. With an evasive dosage everything compiles into a single creation that represents the tenants and makes their dream come true.

New original language. In my work, I specialize in creating connections between different design languages, in order to create a new original language of my own. This language forms a specific dialogue with the client. With the growth of the global village, design styles has gone through a process of unification and were lacking uniqueness. This new language guarantees different and original utcomes.

Shared work process. The work process is firstly composed of listening to the client and knowing what his wishes are by bringing up ideas and brainstorming together. All while focusing on creativity, a critical, flexible thought and observation. Six main parameters are guiding me when turning an empty space into a home: color, lighting, furniture, textile, art and decorative accessories.

Wandering, discovering, collecting. Each and every item chosen into the different interiors is given full attention and carefully picked when wandering

through markets, design centers and boutique stores. During my many trips as a collector, I aspire to choose the most unique and different items, the ones that in the first encounter excites and triggers your imagination. Then, I precisely locate them in the interiors.

Interior space timeline. Each project puts me in a different point on its timeline. Some houses require a new wardrobe. Sometimes I am invited to style and advise for apartments and homes that are in different phases of construction. In many cases my work is done side by side with the architect, from beginning to end.