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The “Home Styling – The Real Thing” workshop, developed and initiated by Gili Ungar according to his professional method, provides the students theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the home styling world, aspiring to give each student an opportunity to express and develop their own personal style, integrate different worlds and lead a relevant design language according to the new rules in the market.

Workshop goal and study program. With the right knowledge and tools, the workshop graduates are ready to face the changing reality of our days and form a practical, pleasant and loving environment to the person who lives in it. this goal is achieved with interesting lectures, discussions and brainstorming, simulations, exercises, hand-ins, guided tours, while focusing on practical home styling skill development: conceptual thinking, professional terminology, exposure to the variety of options existing in the market (materials, design centers, artists), practical comprehension of the “Six Parameters” method (color, lighting, textile, art and decorative accessories) and earning independent career-managing skills in the home styling and dressing world.

The workshop is suitable for design students, new and longtime designers, curious and original-thinking people that aspire to integrate in the home styling world, or just anyone who has the touch but lacks the right tools and guidance.

If you are interested in studying AutoCAD and SketchUp softwares, computer-aided designing and a diploma, “The Real Thing” workshop isn’t the place for you. When you finish the home styling workshop studies in Ungar’s method, you will not receive a diploma but you will know how to choose, imagine, dare, lead a process, listen to the unsaid and create everything from nothing by listening, imagining, brainstorming, navigating and collecting.

Who lectures and Where. The workshop is taught by Gili Ungar and is hosting leading lecturers from the design, architecture, art, marketing and media worlds. The classes are located in Gili’s colorful home, in a lounging environment, and also includes guided tours outside the studio.


    Sign up & More Details
    Gili Ungar, 054-5565466
    Please send your résumé and a short 200-word letter, expressing your wish to join the home styling world, to this email:

    Gili Ungar. Main lecturer , leading and innovative home stylist, Graduate of the photography department in Bezalel academy of art & design.

    Oranit Ben Zimra. Owns an event productions company, lecturing in design, photography and art study facilities. Graduate of the photography department in Bezalel academy of art & design. Former manager of the Yahalom theatre and the arts and culture department in the Ramat Gan municipality.

    Dganit Partush Cohen. Owns “Villa Maroc”, a 20-years old brand specializing in home styling. Graduate of the visual communication department in Bezalel. Illustrated many books, Worked as a graphic designer in “Yediot Aharonot” newspaper. Former head-designer in the David Tartakover Studio.

    Dani Rosen. An independent architect, an excellent graduate from the architecture department in the Technion. Former head-architect in the leading offices “Mann-Shinar Architecture” and “Assaf Gottesman Architecture”.

    Raanan Stern. An independent architect, a lecturer in the architecture department in the NB Haifa School of Design. Graduate of the architecture department in Bezalel.

    Einat Guttman. Owns a successful, independent business that promotes businesses in social networks. Has a degree in art and a degree in english literature on behalf of the Haifa University. Former teacher in a visual communication class.

    Anat Ziegleman. Longtime co-editor of the design and architecture categories in the lifestyle and design portal Xnet by Ynet (“Yediot Aharonot” group). Former news editor in various television channels.

    Shiran Carmel. A leading lifestyle photographer in Israel. Specializes in food photography, interior design, architecture and portrait photography.

    Dr. Gil Bozer. S enior lecturer in the Ruppin and Sapir academic centers. Graduated from the PhD program in the management department of the Monash university in Melbourne, Australia. Bozer’s research subjects are focusing on different aspects of leadership and career-development. His latest researches include operating self-leadership and executive coaching – providing practical skills.

    Liora Nahmias. Owns the “Liron Communication” PR office, that specializes in the lifestyle field. Has a first degree in communication and second degree in business economics with a marketing internship. Has rich experience in the communication field in Israel.

    Keren Bargil. A n a rt agent and a leading independent curator. Graduate of the law faculty on behalf of Tel Aviv university and has another degree in art history on behalf of the Courtauld Institute of Art, London. Her own home is also a gallery that presents to the art-loving audience low-priced artworks for sale, created by artists from Israel and abroad. Her vision is to encourage and promote the plastic artists’ economic welfare.

    Nitza Ram Halevi. Was the CEO of a successful company of an international business image (with her partner Neomi Podhorzer), specializing in transforming information to leading organizations in Israel (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, The Jewish Agency, several banks and private companies). Former flight service manager in El-Al and a leading guide for internal communication. Her lectures are focusing on multicultural business communication, including: service awareness, representative performance, self-presentation, hosting rules, body language in different cultures, facing a crowd and effective communication.

    Shulamit Sonnino. Film lecturer, television and film producer. Served in the IDF as a producer and later as the main producer in the army radio. Produced T.V shows, movies, commercials. Taught classes in Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, in the College of Management Academic Studies, and NB Haifa School of Design. Her fascinating lectures are focusing on the film world and its connections to architecture and interior design. Sonnino is also a teacher in the unique design studio “Interior Design in Film”.