Kobi Siboni

Kobi Siboni


Photo Prints Collection. This collection, c ollaborating with the product designer Koby Sibony, is the harbinger of his home-dressing product series, maintaining both art and design lines and forming a creative environment in order to promote Israeli product designers, under ungar’s direction.

The Chosen Designer. Koby Sibony graduated in 2011 from the industrial design department in Bezalel. Sibony is a designer-creator who works in an independent studio in Lohamei HaGetaot kibbutz. Sibony expertises in hand-bending iron wires. The sculptural objects he designs are on the verge between design and art, therefor he was chosen to be the first to create an original drawing collection, giving a commentary to Ungar’s defined design language.

The Works. The original drawings are naïve images from the animal and planet world. The iron wires combined with Ungar’s vibrant narratives express the local with the other.

The drawings are signed and come in a limited edition – there are up to 100 copies of each. All printed on a Fine Art paper, that is made out of cotton fibres. Each drawing comes in three different sizes or in a small series of few drawings.